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Your Specialist Travel, Safari and Eco-tourism in Congo-Brazzaville

Discover  Congo–Brazzaville, the green gold piece of Africa.

Real adventure tourism destination that provides interaction with nature, local people,and some physical efforts.
Safaris, expeditions, exploration, sharing local people activities and culture.
Be the first to experience the premier rainforest destination.
Only CTH, a local and native based inbound tour operator can provide the taste of Congo’s intact nature.   

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Come and visit Congo-Brazza and contribute to the growth of Congo’s economy and aleviate poverty among the local people.
Your money will not go back to where it comes from.
Bring your support to a sustainable  tourism development in Congo-Brazzaville.
Congo-Brazzaville is still undiscovered by many tourists. Yet the combination of beautiful scenery, spectacular wildlife, rich culture, huge river system and above all friendly people make it one of Africa’s most new eco-safaris and adventure destination.

Touristics Areas

With C.T.H, book your plane ticket and travel on board following flights:

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